I’ve been loving the words partnership and collaboration most of my personal and professional life. And this particular issue of 20/20 so best defines the reason for that passion to live and work with others in unified directions.

Both the “Art of the Collab” style feature and the Ultimate Partners initiative (as delivered here in “collaboration” by Vision Monday and 20/20) are built on overt agendas to succeed via close relationships. And to that brew, you can add the special edition of KidzBiz and the additional children’s eyewear feature in the issue as prime examples of eyecare professionals, eyewear vendors, parents and kids taking a unified stand when it comes to bettering the visions of our future.

As I let those near-singalong words of collaboration and partnership chant throughout my thoughts of reinforcing a sort of togetherness, I’m reminded that even our monthly features in Pro to Pro and Continuing Education are marked by a sense of union… professionals guiding professionals and teachers consistently engaging students in new ways of properly and positively attending to the visual well-being of their patients.

This depth of connecting with others goes even further right on these pages as our long-standing Upfront section tasks all of the 20/20 editors with presenting the variety of optical companies, optical organizations and numerous levels of eyewear vendors in an engaging editorial sort of storytelling dedicated to making what we all do resonate with relevance and entertainment. And let’s not forget the full scope of research we deliver every month (and in an actual double dose with the stats in KidzBiz and the Children’s Eyewear MarketPulse Survey) all done as Jobson’s Research Department works with surveys culled from our readers and delivered in analysis that is both detailed and easily readable.

Although I’m writing this column in a little bubble of privacy as I do each month, this exercise of explanation is always done fully aware that it will be coerced by the team of editors and experienced by the most important people in my professional life… YOU, the readers of 20/20. You are all my most favorite partners. On a daily basis, you all guide me on this wild and wonderful scenario I love to think of as the Art of the Collab.

James J. Spina
[email protected]