Jillian Urcelay: What design details can we see in the recently released Studs concept collection?
Coco and Breezy: The concept pays tribute to our origins—we began the brand by putting embellished studs on oversized frames and safety goggles. Design wise, each style has a specific methodology to the studs’ placement and the contours we wanted to achieve when we arranged them, be it on the front or temples. We also made sure to create a diverse group of shapes. For example, the style “Vitality” is a big bold square that is super fabulous, whereas “Acacia” is a more classic retro look with a keyhole bridge.

We also put a lot of thought into the color range offered within these styles. It would have been very easy to go black, demi amber and white, and feel good about this collection. However, we love fashion colors and lenses, and knew this release would be so much more complete and fun, if we utilized the full color spectrum. So in addition to classic color tones, you’ll also see red, plum and nude to name a few.

As your brand continues to evolve, what are your biggest priorities and focuses for 2023?
In addition to growing our eyewear collection, we have an extensive touring schedule, and we’re releasing a lot of new music this year. Bringing people together through music is something we love and take a ton of pride in. We also want to continue to use our platform to continue our activism, and be a source of empathy and motivation for those who don’t feel heard.

Any exciting projects, special collaborations or new collections in the works that fans can be on the lookout for?
We are planning an initiative where we do capsule collections with other music artists. Collaborating with musicians has always been a part of our brand DNA.

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