Charitable ODs around the country are participating in ESSILOR VISION FOUNDATION‘S (EVF) See Kids Soar program to help bridge the gap between the need for and access to vision care. Due to COVID-19, more people are facing financial uncertainty and need help to cover basic expenses such as food and medical care.

EVF and the optical industry can work together to make a significant impact in reaching people who need vision care but cannot get it. EVF’s See Kids Soar program is a free in-office cause campaign intended to inspire parents, patients and eye doctors’ staff to adopt the cause of vision, and give them an opportunity to raise awareness and funds. “Now more than ever there are people who are going through hardships and need help,” says Neena James, OD. “See Kids Soar is a great way for our practice to give back to what we’re passionate about. We can do more and serve our community in a safe and contact-free way.”

ODs who enroll in the program receive a marketing kit including brochures and a brochure holder, education flyers, lanyards, buttons, digital assets, near point cards, pens, tear pads and window clings. They also can get a free credit card processing machine valued at nearly $500 from FoxFire Systems Group that enables practices to easily accept patients’ donations at checkout.

“It is so important to identify vision issues early on, and that’s why our team has worked so hard to develop an easy way to get everyone involved,” says FoxFire president Korry Petterson. “The checkout process is simple and doesn’t create extra steps for anyone in the practice when asking for a donation. Our hope is that by creating this technology, we can encourage more support for this amazing cause.”

Dr. James says the practice and patients are embracing the program. “The staff is excited to ask patients for donations. It’s a fun ice breaker and conversation starter, and it’s nice to have something good to talk about. Our patients are happy that we’re participating in See Kids Soar to make a difference in our community. They appreciate their eyecare more, and they feel good about helping others.” In fact, the practice raised more than $400 in one month to help people in need get critical vision care.
Dr. James encourages ODs to enroll in See Kids Soar. “It’s an easy way to get your whole office involved in giving back, and it helps reiterate the importance of eye health with your patients,” she notes. “See Kids Soar is the most seamless philanthropic program we’ve been involved with. ODs can focus on patient care, and the staff can ask for donations at checkout. It’s truly worry-free.”

For more information on how to enroll in See Kids Soar and to find answers to frequently asked questions, visit

–Andrew Karp