20/20: Where did the idea of Yalea come from?
Barbara De Rigo: For some time, we had the desire to create an eyewear line dedicated to women, as our three-owned house brands (Police, Lozza and Sting) are predominantly male. This seemed to us the most suitable period, both to celebrate the “restart” after the pandemic, and because the consumer today is more aware, attracted not only by big brands but also by independent ones as well. In recent years, the market has evolved, and we have noticed that women are taking a different approach to the eyewear accessory, particularly in countries where the market is more advanced. Through in-depth market research, it has emerged that rather than brand names, consumers (both men and women) prioritize design, fit, comfort and lightness overall. The brand was conceived and designed in a very short time by a team composed mainly of women. The difficulties were many, especially in the first period when we worked from home during the lockdown, but we were able to overcome them thanks to the work and the passionate participation of the group that has shown a strong cohesion—all united for one goal—and the feedback we are having from the market so far is fantastic. This is how Yalea came to be. The new brand of sunglasses and ophthalmic frames, which aims to promote contemporary women by supporting their freedom of choice, encouraging their talent and rewarding their personal beauty. A brand that speaks to women, to their hearts and minds. A brand that communicates positivity, natural beauty, fullness of life and awareness.

What are you hoping to accomplish with this brand?
Our vision is to become the eyewear brand of choice in the female mid-segment. A brand that embraces and transcends fashion, to inspire strength and confidence in women, to make them always feel good as well as elegant and spontaneous. Our mission is to create an eyewear collection with an excellent quality-price ratio and design that is simultaneously timeless yet immersed in the present. A product that emphasizes the beauty of every woman, combining aesthetic values and ethical values with which every woman can identify.

What should consumers expect from Yalea?
Yalea goes beyond fashion to inspire strength and confidence. The brand does so concretely, in the planning and design of the collection that is dedicated to truly inspirational women. A tribute to women of different backgrounds, cultures, ages and eras, not necessarily famous but who, in different countries and fields, have distinguished themselves owing to their life choices, commitment and achievements. Consumers should know that when they buy Yalea, they are not just buying glasses but an object that has ethical values in it. In fact, starting from 2021, the brand will support various women empowerment projects globally.

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