It’s extremely hard to fathom that the year 2020 is almost over. On the one hand, I feel the duration and continuation of the pandemic definitely made time stand still, but on the other hand, I feel as if time has gone far too quickly. Does that make sense? Probably not, but neither do a lot of things that have happened this year.

This month, we had an on-site photoshoot for our November women’s issue at Chelsea Piers in New York City. This was one of my first times back being on set, and it definitely felt a bit odd getting back into my “normal” routine again. Due to the coronavirus, I was a little bit apprehensive about heading back to a studio, but I knew how essential it was for us to get back into the groove of conducting our monthly photoshoots. We followed all the safety protocols required, and slowly but surely, we worked to create an environment where we all felt safe. As a 20/20 reader, you know how important it is to us to provide you with original and creative content that highlights the latest eyewear trends and styles. I’ve always believed that these personalized and innovative images are what truly sets us apart from our competitors and helps us to stand out throughout the entire industry.

Month after month, we continue to find a way to deliver you the latest and greatest aspects of our favorite accessory, eyewear. This month, we wanted to put a large emphasis on the allure of women’s sunglass and optical styles. I truly believe the photographs seen throughout this issue represent why we felt the urge to head back to the studio and give you the trends and visuals needed to help your customers see that the eyewear industry is still alive. I think some of my all-time favorite photographs can be seen in this month’s fashion feature and EyeOpener page.

I’m still extremely anxious and uncertain about what the future holds in terms of COVID-19 and returning back to our “regularly scheduled programming” as my uncle likes to say, but it was a bit of a relief to have some sort of semblance and normality heading back to set. I hope starting in the New Year, we can continue to deliver you these missives and keep a balance between our new lives and familiarity with the old. We’re definitely here and ready to get back in on the action. 

Victoria Garcia
Senior Associate Editor
[email protected]