20/20: Could you tell us a little bit about how the Anna-Karin Karlsson brand came to be?
Anna-Karin Karlsson: After art school, I moved to London from Sweden as I fell in love with England growing up. There I met the owners of Meyrowitz, and I was guided and taught the very high end of luxury eyewear. All from bespoke drawing of frames to gentlemen, to buying independent fashion brands for the Bond Street clientele. Years later, I moved back to my native Sweden and made a plan of how to create my kind of eyewear couture, blending my many years of eyewear expertise with my art. 

What sets Anna-Karin Karlsson apart from other brands within the luxury market? 
The poetry of it all. As I don’t have anyone to answer to, I have an artistic freedom that sets the brand apart. I live for beauty, and I can find beauty in almost anything. I hand draw all my frames, do the art direction for all my imagery, so it is very cohesive to my vision. I live to make the world a bit more beautiful while on earth, and hopefully that shows. 

Are there any exciting new collections on the horizon?
Every year we launch new pieces that reflect me and my life, and for this season, I think they are looking very shiny indeed. 

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