20/20: How did Bajio Sunglasses come to be?
Al Perkinson: Bajio was hatched during COVID, a COVID baby. I had spent 15 plus years at Costa when they were acquired by the optical giant Luxottica out of Italy and decided it was time for a new independent brand. Bajio is committed to exceptional service and to being a positive force in the fishing community. We’re focused on bringing more young people into fishing and using fishing to make needed changes that will protect the resources for the future.

Who is the target customer for Bajio sunglasses?
Our core consumer is the 18 to 35-year-old angler who shares the Bajio mindset.

Can you elaborate on some of the technology and features that can be found on each sunglass style?
Bajio’s biggest product differentiator is our LAPIS lens technology. It blocks 95 percent of harmful blue light which makes things radically clear. Our frames are made from plants, and our packaging is made sustainably. For example, our sunglasses cases are made from cactus leather.

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