By Breanna Benz

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We were thinking outside the box for this product review to showcase what’s coming up next in opti-tech.

Activist updates their dual-temple frames for an even more eye-catching design altered for ultimate comfort.

We couldn’t help but tech a long look at Studio Optyx's uber-unique lens suspension; their Derapage collection has an edgy take on fully-rimmed rimless eyewear.

Hard at work curating just the right mix of this and that for the April fashion feature. Here the team takes a peek at Activist Eyewear and the interesting accessories that make this specialized tech brand stand out.

Calvin Klein keeps it all under wraps with entirely zyl-coated, rosegold ultralight metal, which made this frame my personal pick of the product review. Who doesn’t love glimpsing glimmering, warm metallics to brighten their day?

Sometimes the most important technical aspect is the engineering of sheer aesthetics, as seen here from Vera Wang.

Follow these frames leading the tech trail with reimagined colors, temples, materials, shapes, weight and so much more.