As this New Year begins, I face an adventure I have been looking forward to for years. Just a few weeks ago I was chosen to be the new Group Publisher of 20/20 Magazine and Vision Monday.

Quite simply… I could not be more excited. Just in case you don’t know me, I’ve been part of the Jobson Optical Group advertising team for many years. And an ongoing personal passion has been leading the efforts of the 20/20 team in revolutionizing our digital impact online, and that includes our ever-growing engagement via social media platforms. Over the past decade, these initiatives have created a wealth of new and interesting web content for our readers and empowered opportunities as well for our partners communicating their messages to the 20/20 community.

Before beginning with Jobson, I worked in two different industries forging the foundation of my career goals. Initially paying my way through college as a waiter and a bartender, I learned the invaluable lesson of excellent service and how to provide it by listening carefully to the individual needs of the customer. This is a skill that I use every day, and I will work tirelessly to hone throughout my future.

Secondly, working in a public relations agency at the beginning of my career provided me with invaluable respect and insight regarding the time, care, effort and love editors put into crafting their work. The opportunity to work hand-in-hand with editorial at 20/20 has amplified that respect tremendously.

We are going to lean heavily on those values. We will serve you, the eyecare pro, with content delivery via a captivating array of mediums, providing you with the acumen and insight needed to thrive in every facet of optical today and deeply into our shared tomorrows. As a trusted voice in the optical industry for nearly 50 years, this magazine in ever-expanding formats is comprised of individuals whose insight and understanding of our industry is completely unrivaled. We will work harder than ever to provide you with the opportunity to engage, interact and learn on all fronts.

The first note of congratulations I received after the announcement of my promotion was from 20/20’s James Spina, simply stating… Upward. That is exactly where we intend to go.

Please feel free to let me know how I can be of service.

James DeMatteis
Group Publisher, 20/20 and Vision Monday
[email protected]