Hey 20/20 readers, I’ve got some exciting news for you. It’s probably more exciting for me than anyone else but… I have finally moved into New York City! I’ve used a few of my past columns to explain my dreams of always living in the Big Apple and complaining about my commute from Long Island, but now I can finally check this off my bucket list. I’m more than eager to finally get the chance to explore this city in more depth and visit everywhere possible. I’ve certainly got a lot of ground to cover.

Although this is a new recent change in my life, I’m sure you’ve noticed some of the changes 20/20 has orchestrated over the past few months. They’re equally exciting and bring our readers and followers new ways to venture into our world. Our website 2020mag.com has been completely revamped and features even more editorial content and fabulous visuals than ever before. I know our Web Designer Julie Zidel worked tirelessly to take our Web presence to new heights, and boy did she succeed. Our monthly issues of 20/20 have also been updated and formatted in new modern ways, thanks to Art Director Iris Johnson. Since my almost four years at this publication, it’s so exhilarating to see all the new changes being made around here, and even a small alteration can make the biggest difference.

Ongoing, the What’s Right Now page has also been updated to bring readers more editorialized eyewear trends with our signature 20/20 photography to highlight what’s important for the selected eyewear. I’m excited that this page will now be able to represent trends I’ve noted while attending trade shows, press previews and just walking along the streets or taking the subway. Since I began working on this page almost two years ago, I’m glad that we can now have more vibrant images and detailed trending to help our readers understand what 20/20 editors see on a day-to-day basis.

We’re hoping to bring you even more changes in the upcoming months with our special editions focusing on new sunwear, athleisure and children’s eyewear, as well as a few updates within the evolving context of our social media postings. Be sure to stay tuned for what’s to come!

Victoria Garcia
Associate Editor
[email protected]