Next month marks almost a full year since COVID-19 swept the country and drastically changed our lives. If you told me we would still be quarantining, spending less time with our loved ones and working remotely, I probably would have called you crazy. I’ll say what we are all thinking—this “new normal” is not for me. 

It’s easy to get sucked into the negativity of having to change our daily routines and habits, but there is also a way to look at the positive side of things. Over the past year, many of my friends and family have experienced milestones and accomplishments that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Two of my best friends welcomed a beautiful baby girl back in June, and my cousin just added another baby boy to his growing brood of kids. I have other friends who have gotten engaged, bought a new house and some who have postponed their wedding receptions but still got married in intimate ceremonies! All of these amazing events that otherwise would have been celebrated with a party or gift should still be recognized, maybe now more than ever.

On a personal note, I recently signed a lease for a new apartment in New York City that I cannot wait to start decorating and eventually host a ton of parties in the future. Of course, let me explain that I’m not suggesting we ignore what is going on in our world. But I think it’s still important to send positive wishes and thoughts to your loved ones as much as possible. Try to celebrate these new beginnings so it will be even sweeter once we are all reunited.

With all of this new beginnings talk, I thought I’d share a few things we’ve been changing and new initiatives we are trying to bring to our 20/20 readers. We are confidently expanding our digital readership by updating and expanding our current e-mail newsletters while simultaneously bringing you as many new frame products as we possibly can. Be sure to sign up for these newsletters as they also give you Q&As with sales representatives, brand managers and other important individuals who can give us insight on the changes we are all experiencing within the industry. This new content can give us a reason to celebrate all the new and exciting things that are still happening within the industry. Let’s cheer to that!

Victoria Garcia
Senior Associate Editor
[email protected]