3DNA introduces a new 3D eyewear production system using cutting-edge technology to create custom frames with a personal touch. Programmer Xiliu Yang and optician Dennis G. Zelazowski, co-founders of 3DNA, offer opticians a creative approach to user-designed eyewear, allowing wearers to get exactly what they want and need, both in style and fit. “As a teenager working in my father’s optical shop, I often dreamt of creating a machine to measure and bend temples and nosepads to match the patient’s face,” says Zelazowski. “Twenty-five years later, we are doing nearly that, with an app.” The software allows the user to load 3D scans or 2D pictures, choose from materials such as acetate or carbon fiber and add rivets, nosepads and torsion bar hinges. The combination of free-form shape, size and material customization performed in the software produces finished eyewear that is personalized and unique. “3DNA transforms eyewear selection from deduction to creation and creates an emotional bond between patient and frame,” says Yang. 3DNA provides the tools for wearers to create their perfect pair. Pictured are three examples of customized 3DNA frames.

–Alexandra Hough

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