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The Opticians Association of America's Annual Delegate Assembly Meeting will take place on Thursday, February 15, 2024, at the Fort Worth Hilton in Fort Worth, Texas (in conjunction with 2024 OAA State Leadership Conference).

The Delegate Assembly Meeting represents OAA's annual business meeting. The Delegates are comprised of Guild Members, Honored Fellows, and appointed representatives for OAA's State Society Members. The Delegates are tasked with electing OAA's Board of Directors and Officers as well as approving any bylaw changes.

The Opticians Association of America’s Nominations Committee has met and approved the following Slate of Officers and Directors to serve on the OAA Board of Directors.

This slate will be voted on by the OAA Membership at the Delegate Assembly Meeting, which is set to take place on Thursday, February 15, 2024 in Fort Worth, Texas.

OAA President – Ron Harbert
1st Vice President – Doug Pelkey

2nd Vice President – John Bruening
Secretary-Treasurer -Aarlan Aceto

Firm Position 1 - Lanard Atkins Firm
Position 2 – Tom Hicks

Individual Position 1 – Donna Hatch
Individual Position 2 – David Ellis

At Large Position 1 - Tyjia Sherman
At Large Position - 2 Donna Schaub

Proposed By Law Changes
Proposal to change Article VIII (Officers), Section 1, subsection B from, “No elected Officer shall serve for more than two full terms in the same Office except the Secretary/Treasurer.”, to “No elected Officer shall serve for more than two full terms in the same Office except the Secretary/Treasurer, who shall for two full terms and may serve an additional two full terms for a maximum of 4 years.”

Proposal to amend Article XIII, Section 3 from “In any meeting of the Association, only voting delegates shall have the right to vote, which vote shall be cast in person only. Voting by proxy shall not be permitted.” To “In any meeting of the Association, only qualified voting delegates, as defined within the bylaws, shall have the right to vote. Votes shall be cast either 1) in-person if the meeting is a live-in person meeting, or 2) using appropriate virtual technology as approved by the board that allows for live synchronous voting when the meeting is a virtual/online meeting . Voting by proxy shall not be permitted."

Proposal to delete Article XIV (Executive Staff), Section 2, subsection C. “The Executive Director shall serve as the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer of the Association and shall perform all of the duties incident to that office, including any part or all of the duties of the Secretary-Treasurer as may have been properly delegated and approved by the Board of Directors.”

Conference Registration is available on the OAA Website
February 15 - 17, 2024

Fort Worth Hilton
815 Main Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

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The Vision of Hope Foundation will be holding a Silent Auction/Raffle at the upcoming OAA State Leadership Conference to raise money to support its mission of promoting opticianry education, developing future opticianry leaders and performing international, national, and community-based vision related mission work.

Please help this worthy cause by donating items for their fundraising activities at the OAA State Leadership Conference. No item is too big or too small. Every donation is appreciated. Click Here to donate items to the Vision of Hope Foundation.

The programs of the Vision of Hope foundation are funded through voluntarily contributions from individuals and corporations with the vision care industry people just like you.