April 2015 Technicians

Exciting New Innovations: Treatment and Technology

There is always some new and interesting being developed in the vision and eye field, things from new testing to treatments.
February 2015 Business

Opticianry on the Move

The beginning of every year, usually late January or early February, the OAA (Opticians Association of America) brings all of the State Associations together for a Leadership Conference. Las Vegas was the meeting place this year from Feb. 5 – 7.
July 2014 Eyes/Optics

Eye Infections, Part Two

This author has put together the "fearsome five" i.e., the worst five afflictions based on my rankings. Here are the first two.
March 2014 Eyes/Optics

Design of Iseikonic Lenses, Part Two

The magnification created by any ophthalmic lens is determined by: Dioptric power, Vertex distance, Base curve, Center thickness and Lens material.
February 2014 Eyes/Optics

Design of Iseikonic Lenses, Part One

The design of iseikonic lenses is a tool given to opticians to correct aniseikonia.