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May 2014

Through the Looking Glass

Still a few steps from "fashionable," Google's one and only Glass has materialized on the eyes of developers, world travelers, and guys and girls next door as its evolution from stiff headgear to slick albeit indiscreet optical tech gains ground. As Glass gets bigger and bigger, 20/20 was invited for an exclusive peek of the progress and the tech checkup did not disappoint. At the Google Glass "Basecamp" situated in loft office space above the trendy Chelsea Market urban bazaar in New York City, the fantasy-turned-fancy eyewear was on display for touching and testing as interested "Explorers" popped in and out for fittings and Q&A sessions. Down below in the bustling market corridors, Glass wearers were both ogled and ignored. Even at our office, the scale includes obsession and indifference with a rabbit hole of sentiments in between. This reporter eagerly wonders what SocialEYEzing would look like through Google-colored glasses, where looking up indicates closing down and iPhones are eye phones. Conversely, 20/20's Editor-in-Chief stays on a more conservative path as the focus on frames sharpens and the technology filters into several of his personal passions including an unprecedented first-person experience of Indycar racing through Glass-captured video. Love it or hate it, wearing it now or waiting, Google Glass means optical once again takes the lead when it comes to the importance of accessories. As Google's science-fiction mission shares the spotlight with the wearable tech that dates back to ancient, there's no glass ceiling holding back the possibilities of this adventure in wonderland.

—Breanna Benz

—Breanna Benz

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InnerVision: A Grand Manor


It all started in the sprawling open area of a West Village mansion scattered with vintage d├ęcor from every era and progressed up the iron spiral staircase to our beautiful set backlit with natural light and hothouse flora, glimmering with optical pairings that ultimately stole the show. Take a look Behind the Seens.

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