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April 2014

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Streaming video is the talk of the town these days, with on-demand services like Hulu, Netflix and Apple TV, and user-uploaded YouTube stations pulling in views as prevalently as ever. As 20/20 continues pushing boundaries on the amazingly unstoppable social train, we bring you media in all shapes and sizes including video. Although native to Instagram, you can head to any of our social media platforms to peek Behind-the-Scenes flicks and footage. Press play and see what we're streaming.

—Breanna Benz

—Breanna Benz

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InnerVision: Show Off


Tag along with 20/20 as we peruse exclusive product reveals, attend events and socialEYEze on the scene during another spectacular Vision Expo East in New York City. Take a look Behind the Seens.

Popularity Contest

New Yorkers know that on any given weekend there are at least a dozen big apple-sized events overtaking the city, from super-niche trade shows, essential sports championships, concerts, conferences and celebrity sightings. Vision Expo may seem like a blip on NYC's social calendar but this year the optical tradeshow broke records as far as our records show. As optical-enthralled locals and tourists alike overtook the city, we happened to capture what turned into one of our most-liked images of all time. This simple pic of the bustling Expo entrance comes in at number one. From across the world and throughout the city, social snappers and sharers united in excitement by liking and commenting, turning the tables from product images and celebrity shots taking top spots. Like and share @2020mag to get in on the action that has once again shaken up the optical arena.

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