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A Guy Thing

You Say You
Want A Revolution? …Well, why not try looking at this one even apart from its ingenious magnetic clip. This eyewear hypes the favorable rectangular shape with added intrigue of complementary colors layered in a manly tone-poem of brown, tan and blue.

IMF (Innovative Magnetic Force Technology) 472 from Revolution Eyewear



I Red It in 20/20
Red?! I thought you said blue? No. Red. Sometimes you need to fully absorb a style rule, comfort a customer first with a familiar color, next with a trendy color and then, hopefully, give them the wealth of choice with a NEW alternative. You “red” it right.

PRADA VPR 16F from Luxottica Group



Not All-Reddy
Red again? No… not just red. This red fronts a man’s most trusted coloration of tortoise. And how about a ROUND of applause for one of eyewear’s iconic shapes making a return to flavor.

REEDITION Orsay from Lafont



Flight Pattern
The aviator continues its evolution as an eyewear essential, here slightly softer, a shade smaller but freshly distinctive.

MICHAEL KORS 703 from Marchon Eyewear


The Crystal Ship
The clear path of ever-popular and pure crystal frames is here slightly sidetracked by an interesting dense cloud of creamy zyl style. And note the daring drama of the over-sized rectangle shape.

GIORGIO ARMANI 311 from Sàfilo USA


Toot Your Horn
It’s not really made of horn but it heralds all the precious qualities of color and substance with a classic ability to work well on any face and all skin colorations. This Cole is Hot.

KENNETH COLE 920 from Marcolin USA


Don’t sell by old frame-to-face clichés. Sometimes a severe rectangle actually enhances an already angular face, re-enforcing a well-won personality of maturity.

TED BAKER 804 from Tura