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Please Say: Eye Hear You!

Are you sick of them yet? We’re talking GenEYE, and when 20/20 started this slow-but-steady drumroll preparing opti-land for this impactful generation of Millennials some nine or 10 years ago, who knew that come 2015 the world would be waiting with BAITed breath for their promising salvation. Fact is, this whole year has been flush with the Millennial agenda as 20/20 and Vision Monday have teamed up for a full year of informative, entertaining, educational and groundbreaking details, and events specifically primed to make our readers aware that this is a demographic worthy of well-beyond FULL attention.

This year marks the first time any generation in the history of our country will overtake the Baby Boomers as the highest percentage of the U.S. population. From politics to products, history is ripe with evidence that anyone underestimating the power of those Boomers was left in the dust of infamy. Examples would include rock ’n’ roll naysayers, those who ignored the Ford Mustang and choosing up sides when it came to that war in Vietnam and a gathering called… Woodstock.

Need more? Be sure to read Senior Editor Patrisha Holly Zabrycki’s column in this issue and further fuel yourself with some fresh GenEYE fodder:

  • Millennials romp in their lessons learned from some jarring recessionary dips. That said you will really need to work to win their medical and financial fortitude.
  • These youngsters (this from a Baby Boomer!) are armed and ready when it comes to any online opportunity and the lure of wearable tech, so if you are staunchly opposed to those topics, you’re more ready for assisted living than I am.
  • Live GREEN. Obnoxious consumption of our natural resources is a definite GenEYE NO-NO. Don’t go there in any way, shape or (toxic) foam.
  • Gang Green is also highly engaged in a sense of pride when it comes to all things American such as independent mom-and-pop shops, being true to yourself rather than true to marketed brands and… this one is a priority… the present surge and search for products made in America.
With all of this in mind, let’s get down to the business at hand: The 20/20 GenEYE issue. You saw and heard it here first.

James J. Spina

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Please Say: Eye Hear You!
Are you sick of them yet? We’re talking GenEYE...

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