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I Got My GenEYE on You

This issue celebrates the continuation of a series of features focusing on the impact in the optical arena of Millennials as a generation with deep regards, concerns and issues centered around their (profound and intensifying) vision in every sense of the word. Anyone on board as a 20/20 reader in these last few years knows the subject is near and dear to OUR vision. We’ve been addressing this demographic as GenEYE for over half a decade now so we never broke stride when it came to creating an actual, formalized and yearlong reflection on any and all varieties of the concerns and needs of this formidable audience of consumers.

As a reader of our print edition and (hopefully) as a visitor to the 2020mag.com website, you will be able to get energized to a topic which simply MUST be near and dear to your professional position in eyecare.

But wait. There’s more. Every single instance of this ongoing GenEYE agenda will be reinforced on 2020mag’s presence on all forms of socialEYEzing including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. AND each and every instance of edit content will be collective to a specific property on our 2020mag website in a landing zone of story links under the banner of The GenEYEview.

Full reinforcement as to our intent plays out in a joint venture where all of the features pertaining to this millennial generation in optical will be blended with the numerous (and near monthly) features in our sister publication Vision Monday. VM’s tag for this cohesive edit stance flies under the banner of VM’s Millennial Project. Those linked features will appear in an aggregated menu on BOTH websites so readers of either publication can go to the respective websites and get ALL 20/20 GenEYE and ALL VM Millennial Project features.

Vision Monday and 20/20 have long addressed a variety of topics in shared print supplements including The Ultimate Accessory, SunVision, KidzBiz and others, but this new wave devoted to a most important demographic marks the first time we’ve teamed up completely behind a yearlong (for now!) multiplatform addressing such a profound topic.

Yes, you need to be concerned about the impending intensity of online ordering and the still viable panorama of wearable electronics as related to eyewear (and… really… isn’t eyewear quite literally the first EVER wearable dating back in optical function about 400 to 500 years ago!) but know too that it is GenEYE fueling these topics as well and… it is GenEYE waiting with bated breath and bright eyes for all of your very next moves.

James J. Spina

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