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What Really Really Matters

In ultimate essence an eyewear frame is all about its composed materials, the build of said ingredients and the tech prowess of those materials in active structure. And the whole of that product/object is then in complete coordination to fit on a person’s face and function in securing a lens properly in relationship to that person’s eyes. As you well know, certainly no simple task with every aspect from the raw material to the final fit being quite a challenge.

In two very specifically themed issues every year, 20/20 digs deep with a close focus on the technology of a frame (it was the main feature of our April issue this past year) and the materials of a full spectrum of frames, which is the issue you are now reading. Our photo feature this time around (including our intense cover shot of a wonderful fully rimmed frame from Silhouette) brings the eyewear into even closer scrutiny as it tackles the materials and the tech in still photos without the usual distraction of a face. Understand though, that every frame pictured in our “It Matters” feature first came to test on one of our edit or art team faces for assurances of a great fit, a perfect hand AND face feel, and a scrutiny of every tech spec of the spex.

We made a specific effort with this issue’s featured frames. With some rare exceptions we let them speak for themselves. The look and quality (and tech) on this October harvest of frames truly speak to the glory that is stylish eyewear over a rather broad range of price points. And part of our fun (with a point) in a fine-tuned edit process is sometimes teaming up frames of a varied degree of cost to best demonstrate that the eyewear availed to impassioned optical pros can play well, be it super luxury at one end of the spectrum all the way through to nicely priced so long as a considered degree of quality is assured from the given vendor.

That said… NO cheap junk here in 20/20… EVER. As the eyewear scenario broadens into new realms of availability, a concerted attempt is needed to maintain a respected level of quality equal to the service availed via professional dispensing. As an eyecare pro, you can’t be all things to all patients and consumers. We live in a world of niches, some large, some small. Find YOUR spot but never compromise it with junk in what you deliver with service and products.
Stick to your commitment because… well… because IT MATTERS.

James J. Spina

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What Really Really Matters
In ultimate essence an eyewear frame is all about its composed materials...

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