Artist of the Frame

March 2017 Artist of the Frame

Matsuda's Marvel

Eyewear designer and CEO James Kisgen talks the past, present and future of Matsuda Eyewear.
October 2016 Artist of the Frame

Marc of Excellence

Eyewear designer Robert Marc celebrates the 35th anniversary of Robert Marc Eyewear and reflects on the ‘Marc’ he’s made on the eyewear industry.
September 2016 Artist of the Frame

A Million to One

Kenmark’s David Duralde comes to terms with the art of framing a world of faces.
April 2016 Artist of the Frame

Eye'll Take Blake

Celebrated eyewear designer Blake Kuwahara sets the bar for true eyewear art.
September 2015 Artist of the Frame

Call Me Nico

Rem Eyewear’s creative director Nicolas Roseillier with insight on authenticity, inspiration and brands that rock.
March 2015 Artist of the Frame

An Eye for Design

Patty Perreira muses on her passion for design and her relentless devotion to craftsmanship.

December 2013 Artist of the Frame

Bevel’s Advocate

A British-born New Yorker, Richard Mewha became interested in fashion at an early age. “I always liked clothes...
June 2012 Artist of the Frame

Opera Glasses

The story of Faniel Eyewear is worthy of an opera. Actually the designer, Montreal-born Anne-Marie Faniel is an opera singer...
May 2012 Artist of the Frame


What do the Smart Car, Batmobile, Hot Wheels and Kaenon ­sunglasses have in common? The same designer: Harald Belker. Born in Krefeld, Germany...
October 2010 Artist of the Frame

A Rising Star

David Spencer, founder of Minneapolis-based Ogi Eyewear, loves  design and loves eyewear. “I was born into the business,” he says.