The Pane of Indoor UV Revealed

1. UV Radiation streaming through windows is:
2. Cancers of the eye ______ easily due to the thin nature of ocular and eyelid tissues.
3. Compact fluorescent lighting is:
4. To protect our eye and lids outdoors and indoors, lenses with ____ protection should be worn.
5. Which of the following is NOT an example of UV damage:
6. UV transmitting through windows once absorbed by the skin or eye can contribute to UV damage because of its ________ effects.
7. European luxury car's rear and side windows only block UVR up to _____ nm.
8. The condition where the skin thickens from UVA damage is called:
9. UV damage is _________, meaning that it accumulates over our lifetime.
10. The American Cancer Institute state that:
11. UV radiation has germicidal properties used to disinfect _____ and purify.
12. UV damage is a strong contributing factor to the development of this eye condition:
13. Low-emissivity glass still allows around ___ of UVA rays to leak through.
14. Merkel cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma are significantly more likely to present on the _____ of our bodies in the United States.
15. When driving in the US, the left side of a driver's body is exposed to____ times more UV than the right side.
16. UV irradiation leads to harmful effects, including skin aging, eye damage, and skin cancer because of increased production of cellular reactive oxygen species and by direct ___ damage.
17. What percentage of age-related skin changes are attributable to UV exposure, according to the EPA?
18. Museums often are windowless with low lighting to:
19. Tinted lenses that don't have 100% UV400 nm protection expose the eye to:
20. Light chemical damage, whether to eyes, skin, or priceless art, is both:
Evaluation Questions
21. How would you rate the content of this course?
22. Rate how well this course explained the need for UV 400 protection in ophthalmic lenses.
23. Rate how well this course explained UV radiation impact on the eye and skin.
24. Rate how well this course provided fact-based data on UV effects on the eye and skin.
25. Rate how well this course provided fact-based data on the risk of UV exposure through windowpanes.
26. How helpful is this information when recommending lenses for patients?