Keys to an Ideal Optical Experience for Kids

1. At what age should children receive their first eye examination?
2. While vision screenings at school are essential, one problem with them might be:
3. The office environment should be:
4. The waiting room should include:
5. During the examination, listen to the:
6. The main person assisting a child with frame selection is the:
7. A child's refractive error may be all of the following except:
8. Children's frames come in:
9. The fit of the frame:
10. The ideal fit for glasses involves:
11. When choosing the right frame size for a child, a child's eyes should be:
12. Children's frames with nosepads are helpful if:
13. When fitting a child's frame, the temples should:
14. An advantage of spring hinges on children's frames is they:
15. Which is the lightest weight, least deformable and the strongest of the following metal frames?
16. The best lens material choice for children is:
17. The most popular photochromic lens color is:
18. Recent concerns about digital eye strain can be caused by:
19. Frames designed for sports are important for children to wear:
20. At final dispensing, the child and parent should be shown:
Evaluation Questions
21. In questions 21-25 please rate the effectiveness of how well each course met the stated learning objectives: Met the stated learning objectives?
22. Avoided commercial bias/influence?
23. How would you rate the overall quality of the material presented?
24. My current position in this company is
25. Please describe the office in which you work.