Keep it Clean and Fog Free - Lens and High-Touch Single-Use Surface Solutions

1. What percentage of the bacteria found on Smartphones in the Hochschule Furtwangen University study was in 'Risk Group 2', meaning they were potential pathogens?
2. In addition to being convenient, wipes are more hygienic than microfiber cloths because they are:
3. To improve hygiene and reduce bacteria by up to ____, the researchers recommend either cleaning a smartphone with microfiber cloths or — even better —cleaning wipes designed for smartphones.
4. CRT is the acronym used for the anti-fog lens treatment test. It stands for:
5. The unique micro-fine Anti Fog cloth is impregnated with ingredients containing molecules attracted to water; these ingredients are activated by the ZEISS FOG Defender System. With a gentle wiping a micro __________ layer forms on the lens which delivers anti-fogging properties with no impairment to lens clarity.
6. Which anti-fog test is repeated with the same lens every 24 hours and confirms that after 72 hours, the treated lens still shows no signs of nonuniform filming or observed fogging?
7. ZEISS Anti-Fog kit has been subjected to a number of controlled tests to ensure the product achieves maximum fog protection of up to ___ days.
8. ZEISS Anti-Fog kit is comprised of a micro-fine ___________ and AntiFOG ________:
9. Three large exhales of air are applied directly to a lens treated with ZEISS AntiFOG to confirm ___ fogging.
10. Hochschule Furtwangen University investigated the bacterial content of worn spectacles and analysed the effect of using different cleaning methods. In this study, all the spectacles were found to be contaminated with bacteria. The best cleaning method identified by this study was a cellulose alcohol lens cleaning wipe which showed a _____-_____ reduction in dominant bacteria.
11. The ZEISS Lens Wipes test results show no visible effects to lenses achieving a rating of A5, B5, and C5 across all three classifications tested by COLT's Laboratories. A5, B5, and C5 represent no visible effects for:
12. A lens is subjected to an optical clarity and compatibility test to ensure ZEISS Fog Defender system has no negative impact on optical clarity. The tester looks for any waves, streaks, coloration, other optical imperfections, or significant differences from the untreated lens (control lens), which are then recorded. The lens is also subjected to a _____ _____ _____which uses light transmission to measure the haze on the lens, the lower the measurement, the better the optical clarity.
13. ZEISS Lens Wipes have been extensively tested by _______, an independent laboratory who have awarded our products their seal, which shows ZEISS assures the ECP that Lens Wipes clean gently, effectively and safely.
14. ZEISS Lens Wipes easily remove smudges, ____, _____, fingerprints, dust, and oil.
15. The cleaning formula in ZEISS Lens Wipes leaves lenses ______ and residue-free.
16. The gentle formula won't _______ high quality coated lenses.
17. Pre-moistened ZEISS lens Wipes dries in _______for quick and effective results
18. Individually wrapped wipes are ideal for use on-the-go or at home and better for hygiene over microfiber cloths since they are:
19. Alcohol-based, the wipes safely and thoroughly clean all optical surfaces, including cameras and binoculars and they are:
20. Lens Wipes are a soft micro-fine tissue made from natural _______to ensure a gentle clean.
Evaluation Questions
21. How would you rate the content of this course?
22. Rate how well this course explained the benefits of a convenient, easy clean lens and smartphone wipes for you and your patients.
23. Rate how well this course explained the extensive independent COLTS Lab testing done on ZEISS Lens Wipes.
24. Rate how well this course explained the essential need for fog-free lenses, a problem experienced by most eyeglass wearers in the age of in the COVID-19 and protective face mask.
25. Rate how well this course provided fact-based data on the bacteria lurking on smartphones.
26. How helpful is this information when recommending helpful anti-fog and cleaning products for patients?