OCT 2015


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FRAMES: Customization

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“I’m wearing glasses that I hate because it was the only thing that would fit me at the other place I used to go to get glasses.”

This is a perfect time to let your patient experience a “Have it Your Way” moment. Imagine you are bringing the patient a frame they have just, in no uncertain terms, described to you that they need and want. There you are like a knight (or knightess) in shining armor, bringing them exactly what they just described. Did I just hear angels sing? Want to take it a step farther? Remember there are products like Silhouette out there that will allow for (and highly encourage) complete customization according to your patient’s needs.

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If you wear glasses, have yourself photographed in them. Rimless ones are ideal for passport photos as they highlight your personality without obscuring you. Moreover, if you ever travel wearing your contacts, you will be less likely to have to put on your glasses at passport control if the ones in your photo are rimless.

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When customizing the lens for a rimless mounting, it is best to:

  1. Only follow the patterns provided by the manufacturer.
  2. Alter the size but never the shape.
  3. Think outside the box to create endless possibilities.
  4. Duplicate the patient’s previous eyewear.

Misconceptions of rimless eyewear can mistakenly lead to a loss of the style and ustomization benefits for both practices and patients. Rimless eyewear, high-quality frames and optimum lens materials can generate profits and set you and your office apart from the rest.

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Research and seek out brands that feel unique to this group. Millennials learn about “cool” brands through social media and prefer those vetted by their peers. They visit stores to see if a product fits. Make sure your in-store experience has some “cool factor.”

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To highlight your eye area, choose a frame color that contrasts with your eyes. Blue eyes, for instance, seem brighter when matched with black. Avoid eyewear that is a similar color to your eyes, as it is almost impossible to find exactly the right shade. The slight mismatch between your eyes and the glasses will probably look a little odd.

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