Behind the Seens


December 2010 Fashion Photoshoot

We Will...We Will...ROCK YOU!

The December Men’s eyewear feature rocks. It’s really that simple. A host of legendary and upcoming rockers (and a jazzer!) including Ray Khalil (our jazzer!), Konrad Meissner, Ed Rogers, The Brats’ Keith West, Ira Elliot, Faces East’s Dan Kaiser, Ward White and (20/20 July cover star) Jack Skuller knocked the 20/20 team for a loop of amazing sights and sounds in the best photo shoot ever. We wish you were there. We WISH we were there AGAIN! If you’ve been following us at or then this exciting experience is already part of your 20/20 insider look. And... if you haven’t kept up with our tweets and FB-ing what are you waiting for?

— James J. Spina