After experiencing great reception for last summer’s release of Red Lotus by Zyloware, a designed to fit collection for women, Zyloware has created a men’s brand, Red Tiger by Zyloware, using the same principles. Addressing the fitting needs of many Europeans, Asians and other ethnicities with various facial structures, the Red Tiger by Zyloware collection offers frames that sit comfortably on the nose, provide extra headroom at the temples and won’t rest on the face or sit too high or too low. All styles incorporate adjustable gooseneck nosepads and a wider angle of flair to accommodate those with a flatter bridge and high cheekbones. The collection consists of four frames made of zyl or metal and offered in such colors as black, brown, gunmetal and tortoise. All styles are equipped with spring hinges.


PHILOSOPHY: “Solving the strong market need for a brand that is both fashionable and designed to fit helps ECPs desiring to serve more people, many of whom they used to have to turn away,” says Christopher Shyer, Zyloware’s president.

MARKETING: A countercard and signature plaque are available.


CONTACT: For additional information, contact Zyloware, (800) 765-3700; 

Watching demographic trends and listening to retail requests from ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians and consumers for eyewear that is both fashionable and designed to fit has in fact been one of the secrets to Zyloware’s successful 90 years serving the vision care industry, the company says.