Zyloware launches Red Lotus by Zyloware. Created to specifically fit broader faces, flatter bridges, high cheekbones and/or wide foreheads, this six-piece women’s collection includes such on-trend elements as rich colors, animal prints, layers and engravings. The fitting needs addressed by Red Lotus, which are most often identifiable as needs of Asian-Americans, are also designed for women of any ethnic background with similar facial structures. The collection features wider angles at the nasal area and wider curvature across the front to provide a better and more comfortable fit and keep the frames from touching at the cheeks and temples. The adjustable “S” nosepad arms are incorporated in the eyewear to allow the frames to sit farther from the face and keep them from sliding down the nose. Frames are made of handcrafted zyl or metal, and are equipped with spring hinges.


PHILOSOPHY: “Acknowledging and addressing a market need has been one of Zyloware’s greatest successes,” says Zyloware president Christopher Shyer. “Watching demographic trends and listening to retail requests from ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians and the voice of consumers for eyewear that is both fashionable and designed to fit has in fact been one of the secrets to Zyloware’s successful 90 years serving the vision care industry.”

MARKETING: Merchandising materials include a six-place acrylic display, easel with imagery depicting features and benefits, and a signature plaque. Frames come with a hard case.


CONTACT: For additional information, contact Zyloware, (800) 765-3700;
website: zyloware.com

The lotus flower has a deep symbolic tie for Asia, India and Egyptian cultures. The flower starts off as a tiny blossom at the very bottom of a pond and slowly makes its way upward toward the light. The constant struggle of the flower and its eagerness to move toward the source of light is taken as a reflection of the meaning of rebirth and beauty.