So little to add to this wonderful archive venture into the advertising matters of The Southern Optometrist from June of 1948 featuring this wonderful Zylo Ware ad of the style named the Nadja as worn by the actress Adele Mara, then starring in the movie “I, Jane Doe” but also well-remembered for her TV appearances in everything from “The Three Stooges” to “Maverick.” The temples seem to have a refined upsweep shape, looking mysteriously asymmetrical with intrigue. Interesting to note that back in the day, Zyloware plied its optical trade as two words. We’re also curious about that cover story titled “A Peculiar Attitude” perhaps by Dr. C. Garland Melton, looking frame-ously high-tech in his rimless specs.   
—James J. Spina

Rimless dominates 20/20’s attention with a rather rare still life cover photo featuring the minimally dramatic Tura style 490. —JJS