The Zeiss UVClean has been selected as a winner in two categories by the prestigious Red Dot Design award organization in Germany: Red Dot Award for Industrial Design and the Red Dot Award for Innovative Product. The double win entitles Zeiss to use the two corresponding Red Dot labels as well as the standard Red Dot label in its sales and marketing communications about UVClean, the new eyeglass disinfecting system from Zeiss.

The Zeiss UVClean will be on display as a part of the Red Dot Design Museum, in Essen, Germany, as part of their exhibition “Design on Stage” from June 2021 until May 2022. Each year, the exhibition attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. It will also be a part of the Red Dot traveling exhibition. Previous stops have included Berlin, Dubai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, Vienna and Xiamen.

In addition, the Zeiss UVClean will be showcased as part of the Red Dot online exhibition on the Red Dot website, which presents all award-winning products to a global audience who can review the jury statements, product photos as well as video clips.

The Zeiss UVClean will be celebrated during the Red Dot Design Week in Essen, Germany from June 21 to 25, 2021, including an award ceremony. And the award-winning device will also be listed in two separate printed volumes of the 2021 Red Dot Yearbook, representing the two different awards.

For more information about Zeiss UVClean, see the L&T New Products section of the October 2020 issue and my exclusive LTV interview in February with Robert Spirito of Zeiss, who led the design team that created the device.  

–Andrew Karp