Zeal Optics introduces E-llume, a plant-based lens, which upholds the highest optical standards, emphasizing clarity and quality, while promoting environmental and social responsibility. Designed from the plant-based bonding agent Z-resin, which uses castor oil, these frames eliminate crude oil from the manufacturing process, but still maintain a 38 Abbe value clarity in an active lens. Zeal’s patent-pending, bio-based lenses offer excellent UVA, B and C protection and are able to identify and block a negative light range, High Energy Visible (HEV) light, which was recently cited as a possible cause of cataracts and macular degeneration. The E-llume lens contains a special hard coating for scratch resistance and an exclusive high-transmission polarized film for increased protection from harmful rays.

Photographed by Black Box Studios

PHILOSOPHY: “Zeal has created a lens that we believe will become the new industry benchmark for optical clarity with an environmental purpose,” says John Sanchez, Zeal president. “Castor represents a renewable resource,” adds Dick Auld, expert in plant and soil science from Texas Tech University. “We commend Zeal for taking the initiative to use a product that not only increases sustainability, but also maintains the high quality of its product.”

MARKETING: Merchandising materials can be customized for individual locations and include 24-, 36-, 54- and 60-place displays, and a 24-place spinner. Countercards and mirrors are also available. Sunglasses come with a zippered case with a belt clip and pouch/cleaning cloth.

PRICE POINT: $$$ to $$$$$

CONTACT: For additional information, contact Zeal Optics, (888) 454-9325; website: zealoptics.com

Based in Boulder, Colo., Zeal Optics is known for precision-crafted eyewear that pushes the boundaries of outdoor and indoor optical experiences, and has defined itself in the eyewear industry through innovations in sunglasses and goggles.