Although Gauguin painted numerous self-portraits in his lifetime, this is perhaps the only one completed wearing eyewear. That said, it should be noted this image is the only one delivering a hint of the actual color of his own sky-light blue eyes. By chance it might be the only time he was actually able to SEE the color of his own eyes, and this rather drastic departure from his usual style also evokes the thought that he might be seeing life a bit too clearly at this point. He was about to be arrested for his political stances but died shortly before that imprisonment.   
—James J. Spina

Barely six months ago 20/20 captured the essence of the growing presence of eyewear based on strong optical heritages with Ogi Eyewear, dubbing the category “Our Eyewear.” With this current issue an effort is made to put that part of eyewear in close contact and contrast with designer and lifestyle branding. Get ready for the August 15 issue of 20/20 and the September Expo West issue as Our Eyewear comes into even closer scrutiny.