Whenever someone meets me (from outside the optical industry… yes, I have a somewhat regular life) and they hear “Iworkataneyeglassmagazine” I’m immediately introduced into their world of sunglasses and sunglass habits. It’s almost always assumed that the subject matter of “theeyeglassmagazine” is sunwear.

Sometimes they’ll show me some pair of junk bought for a few bucks from some guy selling fake designer eyewear at a rest stop on the Jersey Turnpike. “Are these any good or will they make me go blind?” My wife’s friends will whip out a sleek pair of nifty branded shades bought on sale at a department store. “I love these and just saw the same glasses on Nicole Kidman on TV at the Golden Globes.” There’s even a story in this month’s issue, “Worn to be Wild,” on the new Sports Page feature inspired by my good friend Tony asking about what would be the best sunglasses to use when riding his motorcycle.

So what’s the point?

Well, the reality is 20/20 isn’t just about sunglasses but when it comes to consumer buying trends you can bet your bottom dollar sunwear is a HUGE priority for every one of your patients… and potential patients. And if you even just take a swift glance at the maximum degree of sunwear available from the leading optical manufacturers and vendors you quickly realize they are facing their future with a healthy heap of quality shades in all facets of their product mix.

Are you? Are you prepared to dedicate a significant portion of your practice, your dispensary, you professional zeal, your attitude and even your own face to the issue of sunglasses?

This is OUR issue of sunglasses. And we also dig deep providing sunglass product and protection in every issue of 20/20. We want you on that same missive. You are certainly more important to us than that dude peddling cheap shades by the side of the ’pike in New Jersey. Happy New Year. Let the sun shine in your life.


James J. Spina