Photographed by NED MATURA; Senior Features Editor GLORIA NICOLA

From top: LULU GUINNESS 458 from Tura;JALAPENOS Chawa from A&A Optical

The potential of tortoise as a frame color is as limitless as an artist’s palette. It can be lightened to almost amber, darkened to near black or splashed with red, orange, green, blue, any color. But perhaps the most traditional of tortoise tones is yellow tortoise, currently enjoying an enormous and much appreciated resurgence.

• The yellow footed tortoise, which inhabits theAmazon jungle in South America, is named for its yellow scaled limbs and classified as oneof the rare species of the world.
• The yellow headed turtle, also known as the elongated or pineapple turtle, has an upper shell in a yellow-brown color with a pale yellow or yellowish-green head.