We? Oui. Whatever. When word went out that part of the opening night 40th anniversary celebrations by Silmo organizers was going to be a visual AND audio presentation of eyewear trends DURING a cocktail hour… we panicked.

Would we understand it? Would we be able to see all the screen presentations in the crush to get to the amazing food and libations? Would it be on target with our own trend observations in 20/20? Not to worry. Silmo’s take on the future directions of eyewear were cohesive, brilliantly presented and basically as fresh as they are motivational. So here you are with the eyewear universe as we’ll all come to know it exemplified by four inspirational facets.

Ultra Ego: Look for an energized and rapid evolution of individualism. See this as frame styles and collections constantly reinventing and renewing their look and style. Think of this aspect as a person’s own charisma manifested in super attention to external beauty, perfection and character.

Simplicity: As in eyewear, so to in life and a constant goal to limit lifestyle stress. A partnership of person and product focusing on simple goals and technologies. And on the subject of tech, especially those “soft technologies” guaranteed to aid health, comfort and the expansion of knowledge. Not just the world, but the “virtual” world as well.

Ethical: Well-Being Ecology at its best is intimate and personal, and that will extend to a person’s eyewear and their visual health as well. It’s not enough to just “think” green. Actively pursue a personal AND product state of everything eco-friendly, recyclable and respectful of global concerns and fair trade.

Move: This facet encompasses sport, action and performance. Everyone and everything (including eyewear) should have an aura and actuality of multi-functions. Avoid the static and embrace the fluid, the forward and the awareness of all future capabilities.

This is NOT double talk. We think it actually gains in translation. These are keys to the future of forward thinking people, ideas, ideals, a state of universal imagination… and eyewear. Yes to all of these amazing observations and here’s looking forward to the next 40 years of inspiration from Silmo.

—James J. Spina