We wanted to ride along! We wanted to get covered in sand and dust as the extraordinary “Captain Courageous” adventure companions trucked the most remote corners of the earth from Saint Petersburg to the Olympic Games in Beijing. Our friends at Rudy Project accompanied the extremely daring Man Team regaining the coveted prize at the Trans-oriental Rally.

It was certainly a legendary undertaking even without 20/20 being there. The team braved vast desert plains and dunes with dizzying grades along an itinerary that went a full 10,500 km with mixed and challenging crossings of sun-drenched oceans of sand.
They achieved the victory thanks to both bravery and courage combined with technical preparation, but you are reading it here because of added credit to the extremely high-tech Rudy Project eyeglasses that were the constant companions of these champions.

Rudy provided one of the crown jewels of its current collection: the SportMask Performance, the perfect rally companion for dealing with extreme situations. With an aerodynamic design and a gritty appearance, emphasized by the lateral Rudy Project logo, in true racing style the SportMask has an ultra-flat frame, made of Grilamid TR LX, perfect for wearing under a helmet with an adjustable nose piece in soft silicone for total comfort. The wrap-around lenses ensure a distortion-free peripheral view and are characterized by a front spacer improving lens ventilation and preventing fogging.

The Man Team confirmed: “We entered the best rally we have ever been in. Along the more than 10,500 km from Saint Petersburg in Russia, to Beijing, passing through Kazakhstan, we were really able to have a great adventure, which required a great deal of commitment, but which was also a lot of fun. Getting first place was the icing on the cake.” And facing those challenges “faced” in Rudy Projects certainly helped the cause. Where do we sign up?   

—James J. Spina