Occasionally this column warrants team comments. This is one of those times. This magazine thrives on a complex approach of archetypical consistency and pioneering changes. Effort is always made to fuel the March “Expo” issue with powerful wallops of both characteristics. Our cover story on the debut of the new Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear delivers the first punch.

The feature is a first for Associate Editor Patrisha Zabrycki. It is her first cover story. I’ve interviewed Hilfiger a few times in the past and we always have fun chatting shared counterculture pasts. When I say “counter” here I mean small store counters on St. Mark’s Place back in the heady (shopped) late ’60s when we were both in search of the perfect velvet pants and python boots. Enough. It was time to hear Tommy deliver a fresh perspective and Patrisha fit the bill perfectly. In her short time here at 20/20 she has honed her sense of self AND style into an info-whirl of deft editorial impressions pinnacled most recently by her Eye a la Mode trending persuasions in Upfront. She’s also the new keeper of the celeb opti-flame in Hall of Frames. Her breezy but bold writing style put Tommy on the spot AND on the cover with commanding justification.

Next up is new Managing Editor Christine Yeh. Fact is we stole her from Jobson Marketing a few months ago knowing full well she had both the editing and writing chops to duke it out with the best in both creating and then organizing information enriching your quest in the optical arena. Yeh exudes style so it was a given that she would deliver panache to our new Style Saviors feature, an ongoing fashion makeover story with eyewear center stage as the magic face enhancement. It will incorporate reader participation and specific eyewear product. With Christine on board the time was ripe for this classy call to action. She’s ready. Here’s hoping you’re willing to join in on the fun as Groetken Family Eye Care did in this issue.

Finally. Some say a good salesman can sell anything... ONCE. After that it takes a product AND customer dedication beyond just salesmanship. Bad car salesmen are the perfect example. Guest columnist Brad Childs from Eyetique in Pittsburgh makes HIS point. Beware. His O-pinion is certainly an eye-opener.

James J. Spina