From top: SWISS 2 from Face à Face; PAUL SMITH SPECTACLES 404 from Oliver Peoples; CHLOE 1123 from Cachet/Division of L'Amy America; VECHTA from ic! berlin

The rage in coffee houses, latté also satisfies a taste for stylish eyewear. Creamy tones are splashed lightly or with abundance on the latest eyeglass frames. Note monochromatic latte rendered in metal. Check out the natural horn temples streaked with creamy accents. Be enticed by satin gold paired with crystal zyl. Cream color works surprisingly well with most skin tones. And these lattés are the crème de la crème.


CAFFE LATTE: The traditional classic—smooth and creamy—steamed milk and a shot of intense espresso lightly topped with foam. Try it with a vanilla, caramel or almond syrup—or for a more intense taste, an extra shot of espresso. That will surely open those latte-framed eyes.

Senior Features Editor GLORIA NICOLA   •   Photographed by Ned Matura