Kirk Originals, known for its eye-catching (dare-we-say-“fetching”) frames worn by the Gallagher Brothers, Elton John, U2, Julia Roberts, Samuel L Jackson, Cat Deeley, WU Tang Clan, Penelope Cruz, Scissor Sisters, The Cuban Brothers, Primal Scream’s Mani and Vic Reeves (just to name more than a few) has launched a new edition of Kirk Originals’ EYE Tunes, EYE Movies AND a new menswear clothing collection.

Long acknowledged as a true artist of the frame, Jason Kirk, managing director of Kirk Originals, believes “music is nothing without creativity, film is worthless without direction.” Channeling this philosophy and combining it with film, music and the Internet to meet the ever-changing eyewear demands for creativity and style has resulted in the new edition of EYE Tunes and EYE Movies at

This Internet experience combines Kirk’s Anglo-riffic eyewear and exclusive interviews with Kirk Originals’ fans Huey Morgan, Bauhaus’ David J. Haskins and McFly’s Tom Fletcher. There’s also the added audio bonus of digital music from media partner featuring such oh-so-current artists as the Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, The White Stripes, Muse, Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen.

EYE Movies’ latest edition includes the indie rom-com film “The Good Night” with Penelope Cruz wearing the Vaughn model from Kirk Originals Sculpture Sunglass Collection and the London-based short film “Hallo Panda” with the lead character wearing the Charles style frame.

With the ongoing development of the Sculpture, Jet and Kirk Heroes collections, and the recently launched Shine, Sunshine and Evolution collections, Kirk’s profile seems to have risen to greater heights encouraging an expansion into Kirk Originals Menswear. Did I just hear someone mention they know an editor-in-chief sized up at 48 regular?

—Kendall E. Wostl