It would be virtually impossible to detail all the exhilaration contained in this particular issue of 20/20.

Our Expo East show issue is always a bounty of optical intensity. This particular issue reveals nine What’s New pages of brand debuts, multiple photo features highlighting the new eyewear season’s best eyewear and a cover story on Pucci that was a personal joy to research and write.

I could, of course, go on (… and on) but let me take this opportunity to direct you to some online exclusive editorial you can now (and in the very near future) explore beyond just the printed matter of our monthly published issue.

Right now at you can experience our new Behind-the-Seens feature hosting a scrapbook of photos peeking at 20/20 eyewear shoots. We’re going to use this spy-witness photo account to let you see how we do what we do. Get ready to meet photographers, editors, stylists and models going about the business of making eyewear Oh-My-Wear.

Another exclusive online experience is a voice-over of trends soundtracking our photo feature every month. Already in existence as a 20/20 e-blast you are probably already being emailed, we’re taking that voice-over development one step further with a new web-only feature dubbed SunRise. This new sunwear initiative will depend on some of the striking visuals and edit from our quarterly publication SunVision. We’re adding an interview audio segment that will open up an editors’ forum on the newest developments in sunwear affecting the optical arena.

And there’s more… We will also be detailing the 20/20 Retail Strategy stories with an elite online presence that will take you on both scrapbook and video tours of great optical stores. The web button touch-to-tour will be called Strat-O-Caster.
So join us on any and all of this as 20/20 delivers both the print and online pulse of what YOU need to clearly SEE your future in optical. And special kudos to our creative web designer Julie Zidel for making 20/20 such
a fun, web-reality experience.

James J. Spina