Not a week goes by without SPEX By Ryan’s Ryan Horne delivering Instagram postings (@spexbyryan) reigning supreme in the realm of OptiArt. This is certainly one optical player that GETS IT big time. At 20/20 we’re looking forward to some big collaborations with him in 2019, and it’s also nice to pump up the enthusiasm we had for him when it came time to nominating finalists in the recent OPTImum Awards (as documented so wonderfully by Tarrence Lackran in his first 20/20 feature for this month’s issue). For this particular Instagram visual, Horne played to the selfie scenario with the dynamic Droner from Christian Roth customized by the addition of Transitions Amber lenses in a stunning sunning statement. 

–James J. Spina

Photographer Marissa Roseillier enriched the debut of Kids’ Eyewear in 20/20’s September 15 Seller’s Guide with this edgy but adorable picture of her son Jagger in that West Coast golden glow of the Joshua Tree Desert. Here’s hoping we can solicit more of her art as she joins her husband Nico in Chicagoland for his new eyewear adventures with State and Europa International.