Amazing how a certain sense of conformity can lead to an explosive revolution. Aspects of this 20/20 issue illustrate that duality. August is our traditional Branded Eyewear issue on a yearly calendar devoting each issue to a specific eyewear topic from Sun (January) to Kids (July), and on and on through Men’s eyewear, Luxury, etc.

That sense of yearly conformity gives the edit team the opportunity to blow out those themed issues with specific genre-related topics that put the heated edge on your priorities in optical. This time around we decided to make the revolution an “EYEvolution” being an exploration of two phenoms affecting branded eyewear.

The first scenario is “explored” by the shock of our cover. Jeez! Who is that guy? Simply, he’s a model/skateboarder who came in for a model casting and blew us away with his knowledge of all sorts of topics from music to... eyewear. And when he saw the classic pair of re-issued Cazals he totally flipped. And... He knew the original style, as well as being psyched to hear there is a justified reissue currently available. This particular frame has a right to scream aloud to the current nostalgia craze. This is retro born of tradition and not just some pumped up attempt to jump on a bandwagon with a take on a classic style that looks more like a miss-take. And a round of applause to both Eastern States and Ultra Palm for their long-standing commitment to the value of Cazal as an eyewear brand with a heritage in innovation, tradition and quality beyond the world of fashion fables.

That brings us to the second topic a-sizzle in this issue: Eyewear Brands vs. Fashion and Lifestyle Brands with eyewear collections. Where do YOU insert your patient’s head? Is it Lafont or Ogi loyalty all the way or are you singing a stylish tune from a fashionably license-stabled designer such as John Varvatos or Fendi?

Both sides of this branded eyewear coin make for sensible and cents-able bets, and by being carefully in sync to both your patients and your vendors, you can make for a mighty mix assuring you a unique and independent stance.

And that blend or mix gives you the ability to be at the cutting edge of the exciting EYEvolution in optical. Give it a shot as 20/20 does each month. John Lennon knew that even a revolution needed a plan. Here’s hoping you can SEE it.

James J. Spina