It’s 34 words long. It’s likely the shortest email of this past month coming at me in my role as editor-in-chief of this magazine. Its impact on me personally and professionally stuns me. Let’s get to it:

Greetings from California!

I always look forward to reading your 20/20 magazine, and the May issue is no exception. I truly appreciate your heartfelt editorial, which gave me a fresh perspective. Thank you.

Kenneth Lay, OD
Visionary Optometry

I don’t know Kenneth Lay personally. I vaguely recall passing through Vista, Calif., on my way to a photo shoot in Escondido for a golf magazine years ago. I find some pictures of the practice online showing a small strip mall, looking rather quiet but friendly and inviting. In one of the photos, I see part of an eyewear or sunwear display tower.

Lay must be quite proud of the numerous reviews lauding his practice and his approach to his passion as an eyecare professional. He’s basically a stellar OD delivering his skills with a hefty dose of kindness, care, respect and dedication. I intend to reach out to him after this June issue hits in order to dig deeper into how this current COVID-19 crisis impacted his mission and his life, and the lives of those in his care.

I’m hoping to get to know him. Quite honestly, I’d like knowing all of you dear readers of 20/20. I know that’s impossible but perhaps Kenneth Lay can stand in for all of you representing the fact that he is my personal Eyecare Hero with a short message assuring me this magazine encouraged him to a positive sense of moving forward with a renewed sense of vision.

Flip through this issue, and you’ll certainly notice pages from our publishing partners stamped with a new #EyecareHeroes logo. Quite simply, we are here because these #EyecareHeroes care. Kenneth Lay cares. I care. Let’s get together here, and now in our united future as we witness a new Sunrise.

James J. Spina
[email protected]