In more than a few features this month, 20/20 circles the subject of eyewear being borne on the basic partnership of a frame and lenses, the complete eyeglass package.

That sort of doubly satisfied symmetry stands true in so much holding my interest. There’s the whole car needs a wheel thing. And, of course, that balance of guitars being nowhere without that set of strings. On a closer note, camera to lens makes for such optical equilibrium.

And even this very magazine holds strong hosting eyewear frame features in natural affiliation with stories dedicated to our venerable Lenses and Technology themes. Contributing editor Barry Santini’s concise review of the tools, techniques, edgers, lens designs and materials allowing for the perfect marriage of a lens to a frame is a perfect example of that as it dovetails with our “Perfect Pairing” cover and feature story highlighted by some equally dramatic and important frames to lens unions.

But without a doubt, the strongest partnership I’d like to foster with these words this month is the overall relationship you, the optical professional, must fuse with your patient/customer. I use that patient-slash-customer designation as a way of appealing here to all optical professionals and their vital support staff.

As a newly diagnosed Type One Diabetic (three years into this life-and-death battle with a body that now needs twice-daily insulin injections and careful monitoring of my glucose numbers) my team runs deep via numerous appointments with three different ophthalmologists (all with specific specialties), supporting optometrists and an acknowledged master optician (Yes… it’s Santini!) keeping me focused in every sense of the word.

And no one is allowed to stand down on this opti-pact insuring eyewear health stays paramount to the delicate balance of maintaining my gift of sight.

For many years now my audiologist has noted I’m a poster boy of sorts for the benefits of hearing aids. And I was equally pleased when my endocrinologist assured me that my regiment for taking care of my rather mysterious onset of Type One Diabetes (I discretely blame blood thinners for doing in my pancreas) also had me in league as a poster child for THAT malady.

But considering my chosen “scribe” profession, I’m most pleased with the powerful partnership I have with my top line eyecare tribe. It takes a ton of work and attention to be on top of my game and for them to be on top of theirs. And we are truly as one on that intent. I know it can get unwieldy especially for you as the opti-pro, but remember that they and you should desire and deserve anything less.

James J. Spina
[email protected]