Victoria Garcia: How did the idea for Jenny Lynn Eyewear come to be?
Wayne McGee: The idea behind the brand Jenny Lynn Eyewear was to honor Jenny Lynn McGee. She was one of the co-founders of The McGee Group who passed away after a long fight with breast cancer in 2008. She played a very instrumental part in fashioning color palettes and intricate designs of the company’s initial offerings of eyeglasses and sunglasses. The Jenny Lynn Eyewear Collection honors her enduring legacy, designed to help women accent their beauty. The collection embraces sophisticated shapes and embellished details for feminine and fashionable eyewear.

How do you think the Jenny Lynn eyewear collection will succeed in the market?
We believe Jenny Lynn Eyewear will succeed for three reasons: competitive pricing compared to comparable product focused on the demographic of women 55 and over, mature shapes with embellished details, and a wide variety of colors and constructions and eye sizes ranging from 48 to 57 with temple measurements extending to 145.

Can you explain some of the design details that can be seen throughout the Jenny Lynn collection?
This collection can be broken down into three different design categories that intersect. The first category is color, which includes soft teals to bold reds, shimmery translucent and glimmery golds that all create a refined and sophisticated look. The second category is embellishments of beautiful, bold horn acetate with pearl decor or rimless frames with intricate casted crystal frames; there is a frame for every woman in this collection. The final category is sizes that range from petite to extended sizing options that ensure a comfortable fit.

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