Over the past few months, 20/20 has taken the three optical Os to the three Ws—the world wide web, that is—in a big kind of way. Our new video page on 2020mag.com has taken off, proving to be a fun venue for the latest in optical video. With content ranging from fashion shows to highly creative promotional shorts to our own 20/20 interviews, we’ve got more variety than we’d ever anticipated.

Something else that took us by surprise was the habit-forming tendencies of Twitter. During Vision Expo East, we plugged in whenever we had a chance, with to-the-minute updates on everything that wowed and inspired us. We’ve been doing it ever since, with commentary on the noteworthy and newsworthy. Whether we’re previewing a new eyewear collection or have spotted a cool new trend, we’re dedicated to squeezing in our 140-character-long tweets.

Our Internet trifecta wouldn’t be complete without a Facebook page. We debuted our four-eyed face on Facebook and got a kick out of watching our fan base grow as we posted information on the goings-on in the world of optical and in our magazine. We want you to link in to us as we deliver news, video and opinions on just about anything we think you’d want to hear and see. Check out our video page at 2020mag.com/2020webtv. And please, “follow” us on Twitter (user name 2020mag) and look us up on Facebook at facebook.com/2020mag and become a “fan.” Log in and stay tuned for more.

Melissa Arkin
20/20 Associate Editor