Photographed by MARK BABUSHKIN

20/20 went to school—East Side Community High School, a public school for grades six to 12 in New York: Our goal: To photograph the latest eyewear styles for tweens and teens on real kids in a real class room, actually an art gallery created by the students and their teacher, Desiree Borrero.

During the past several years, the teacher has developed an amazing art program—building the gallery from ground up, holding student and local art shows. As part of this program, she often enlists the participation and influence of professional artists. As a result, many of her students have gone on to study art in college. Just this year, one graduate received a scholarship to New York’s School of Visual Arts.

In line with this thinking, Borrero felt it would be a great experience for her students to participate in a professional photo shoot with a creative staff and work with a photographer, art director and editors. And our readers have the benefit of seeing eyewear’s future—the latest designs worn by the students of today… and the leaders of tomorrow.

As part of this photo shoot, we talked with our young models about their interests and their dreams. As you will see, some even indicated a possible career change because of this photo shoot.

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