What do you see? OAKLEY recently posed this question on social media to its global community to kick off its “SEE IT IN PRIZM” campaign. From top athletes in the world to everyday athletes, the campaign celebrates the impact of Oakley Prizm lens technology and how it empowers everyone to live life to full potential no matter the sport or passion.

Grounded in decades of research and innovation, Prizm lenses fine tune individual colors to enhance details for an optimized viewing experience, making everything appear more vivid and vibrant. In Oakley’s eyes, Prizm is more than a technology—it’s a way of life, giving wearers the confidence to be more than they ever thought they could be and allows them to live a brighter, more colorful life. Building on Oakley’s “ONE OBSESSION” platform, the multichannel campaign features stories of obsession, passion and vision, bringing together pro and amateur athletes, influencers, everyday heroes and Oakley innovators, and utilizing their engagement as the creative inspiration behind the campaign.

Among the pro athletes featured in the campaign is 2018 NFL MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes II. “I’m proud to be a part of the Oakley campaign, alongside athletes that I’ve watched and admired for years. Being able to share what sport and performance means to me is important, and this gives me a platform to do so. Hopefully my story can inspire others to pursue their obsessions and achieve more than they thought possible.” Also featured are New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge, original BMX Bandit Mike “Hucker” Clark (pictured above), professional skateboarder and three-time X Games gold medal winner Ryan Sheckler, professional surf champion Julian Wilson and everyday athletes including self-proclaimed “most interesting dad in the world” and stuntman Mike Escamilia, as well as a pioneering Los Angeles street dance crew.

“SEE IT IN PRIZM, the evolution of our ONE OBSESSION platform is an incredibly powerful message. The passion of athletes—from professionals to everyday amateurs—is what fuels our brand and product design,” says Ben Goss, global marketing director at Oakley. “The campaign is built to harness that passion and celebrate how Oakley is a part of inspiring and enabling people who relentlessly pursue their obsessions.” The content launched on Oakley’s global communication channels supported by a full 360-degree multichannel campaign that includes social media activations, athlete highlight videos, immersive retail experiences and regional activations. Oakley invites everyone to get involved in its continuous global conversation and show what you see through Prizm by tagging #ONEOBSESSION, #OakleyPrizm and @Oakley on social media.

–Christine Yeh