Medical personnel who want to better see blood under a patient’s skin can now enroll in VINO OPTICS’ subscription plan for hospitals. The plan gives hospital nurses, doctors, paramedics and other medical personnel the opportunity to improve patient interaction by easily detecting health signs such as rashes, pallor, cyanosis and erythema while also amplifying veins for IV insertion when wearing the eyewear, which is made with blood visual-enhancement technology. The medical protective eyewear available for this hospital plan are the Oxy-Amp Vein Glasses, the Oxy-Iso Blood Draw Vein Glasses and the Hemo-Iso Bruise-Finding Glasses.

The Oxy-Amp Vein Glasses serve as sun, UV and impact protective eyewear, and allow for vein-enhancement in daylight and nightlight conditions for EMT and paramedic use when time and accuracy is of utmost importance. The Oxy-Iso Blood Draw Vein Glasses were designed to amplify perception of the oxygenation signal coming from the blood under the skin. This technology evolved from the 2006 discovery by Vino Optics’ scientist Mark Changizi, who found that the actual reason humans have color vision is to see oxygenation signals from skin, so as to sense blushes, blanches, etc.

For $19.95 a month, hospitals will receive a pair of the medical protective eyewear and damaged pairs will be replaced up to three times a year. Medical professionals can cancel the plan any time by returning the current pair. For more information, visit

–Andrew Karp