ALAMEDA, Calif.—The California Optometric Association (COA) has begun working with ValueStar Corp., which will rate the patient satisfaction level of its members.

Using four criteria, ValueStar, based here, will numerically rate the satisfaction level of COA members’ customers. Those members who receive a high rating will be issued ValueStar certification.

To establish the patient satisfaction level, ValueStar surveys a random sample of 100 past patients from an optometrist’s entire patient list. Based on that information, the doctor is given a numerical rating.

Doctors who earn a high enough rating are issued certification once complaint bureau records have been checked, licenses are verified and insurance coverage is established.

Establishing a high rating is particularly valuable when negotiating managed-care agreements with health maintenance organizations, according to ValueStar.

“The California Optometric Association is looking forward to a long relationship with ValueStar,” says Rick T. Iwai, OD, president of COA.