By Preston Fassel

In my last article, I talked about the advantages of the quickest and most efficient ordering system I’ve ever used. And today, I’m going to tell you how the same company, VisionWeb, not only provides free ordering, but also multiple solutions to help you manage your insurance claim filing and ultimately your practice’s financial efficiencies.
Ask a practice owner or manager to name their biggest challenge, and just about every one of them will tell you it’s, in a word, insurances. The world of insurance and claim filing can be confusing and frustrating, so let’s start with the basics. VisionWeb offers two different claim management solutions.
  • Electronic Claim Filing Clearinghouse: Your biller can connect with thousands of payers in one intuitive portal to submit, track and monitor claims.
  • Revenue Cycle Management: The VisionWeb team works the entire claim cycle for you to ensure you get paid quickly on both medical and vision claims. Think of it as a hands-free approach to claims management, so you can focus more on patient care.
Let’s check out some of the benefits and reasonsa practice might choose one claim management service over the other.

Using VisionWeb’s Clearinghouse solution helps you bring every aspect of insurance claim filing together in one place. You can submit your claims to the clearinghouse one of two ways. First you can access the clearinghouse solution via the Web, or you can upload claims from a compatible practice management system.

Not only can you submit claims, you’ll be able to use the system to perform patient eligibility and authorization checks, a big time saver! You can also check on claim status reports, view real-time claim tracking, submit secondary claims, access electronic remittance advice, and view detailed reporting and analytics information on claim performance. All of these features in one place make it easier for the biller in your office to stay on top of rejected and denied claims keeping your revenue streams flowing smoothly.

For some practices, managing and hanging on to an experienced and reliable biller can be challenging. Your practice’s revenue can be greatly affected if your overwhelmed biller is letting claims fall through the cracks. Or if your reliable biller retires or quits, you’re stuck scrambling for a replacement who might not be as knowledgeable as your last hire and could let more claims miss the timely filing deadline as they get up to speed.

A revenue cycle management service can take the hassle of claim management and biller dependency off your shoulders by managing the claim cycle for you. Checking patient eligibility will still be the responsibility of your office, but from there a
revenue cycle management service can take over and submit your claims and work rejections and denials for you to get more money into your pockets faster. Did I hear sighs of relief out there?

VisionWeb can work with a wide variety of practice management systems so you won’t have to change any of the processes you already have in place. I consider that a big plus! If you’ve ever changed systems, you know that your previously happy team can become an angry mob during the transition. It’s quick and easy to get your practice set up with the revenue cycle management service, and you can choose to have the team of optometric insurance experts work your vision claims, medical claims or both. Last but not least, with VisionWeb’s revenue cycle management service, you’ll have access to detailed reporting and analytic information that can help you make better business decisions. These detailed reports will help you better understand and monitor your practice’s denial rates and reasons, monthly income comparisons, and utilization reports compared to your peers to see how often you’re performing specific tests compared to others. All this information will help you better benchmark your practice and help you see the return on your claim investment. Every practice is different, and what works for one practice might not work well for another.