These pieces are the ultimate in eyewear accessories. They are real… real pieces of jewelry. Made with the same materials and techniques used in the jewelry industry. And just as a beautiful, carefully selected piece of jewelry enhances a wardrobe, these designs not only add new dimension to ultraspecial luxury eyewear, they can stand alone as the elegant jewelry they are.

Photographed by Ned Matura

From top: LOREE RODKIN Eyewear Necklace, sterling silver, from Sama Eyewear; TORRE DE GRECO Necglass EG 774, Mediterranean coral, pearls, faceted amethyst, faceted onyx and sterling silver, from Denise Solay Designs; BUTTE RFLY NECKLACE made of palm tree wood with leather butterfly, from Face a Face; LA LOOP 207, peridot stones with sterling silver, from La Loop

UltraExtra Trends
  • Sterling silver
  • Yellow gold, bronze, steel
  • Semi-precious and precious stones
  • Customized, one-of-a kind and limited-edition designs
  • Exotic materials—wood, horn, coral